“What If You Could Cook All Your Camping Meals In One Pot?”

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Desert…
You Name It, You Can Cook It And 
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From: Tim Dales
Trabuco Canyon, CA. 

Dear Campers,

Picture of Dutch ovenThis amazing cast iron oven has been around since the early settlers and is the one piece of cookware that is a “must” on any campout.  It’s so versatile that you can steam vegetables, cook an omelette, cook a roast or bake a cake in it!  I love mine and use it on every campout I go on.

If you’ve never used a Dutch oven before or are just getting started using one, I want to introduce you to this amazing way to cook while camping.  To do this I have created an essential how-to book “Dutch Oven Cooking – Basics, Essentials and Recipes”.  This simple, comprehensive book shows you all you need to know to cook flawless meals on this cast iron “wonder”.  My new book will reveal to you:

  • How to choose which Dutch oven is the best for your cooking needs
  • How to season your Dutch oven so it will last for many great cooking years (The Pilgrims passed on their cookware in their wills!)
  • What’s the best source of heat for your Dutch oven?
  • How to get the temperature just right for any cooking
  • The secret of how to use charcoal with your Dutch oven
  • How to clean and take care of your oven
  • Discover the 4 essential items you must-have to make cooking with your Dutch oven a snap! (and where to get them)

And I’ve included a few of my favorite, mouth-watering recipes that are always a hit on campouts.

Dutch Oven CookingThis step-by-step book shows you with pictures how to clean and season your Dutch oven.  What could be easier?  And I’ve included before and after pictures of some of meals I've made, just to show you what's really possible to cook in this incredible oven.

Are you ready to do some Dutch oven cooking but don’t know where to start?  Then “Dutch Oven Cooking – Basics, Essentials and Recipes” is for you!  This fact-filled, how-to book is now available for only $12.95 $9.95! for the first 50 customers!

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Peach Cobbler in Dutch Oven

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To all your great Dutch oven meals!


Tim Dales
The Camping Guy

P.S. Once you try cooking with your Dutch oven you will wonder why you didn’t try this sooner.

P.P.S. Get your copy of “Dutch Oven Cooking – Basics, Essentials and Recipes” and be the Master of Camping Cookout!

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