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Hi there!

My name is Tim Dales.  The Camping Guy website is my way of taking my love of camping and sharing it with others.  
I can still remember my first campout when I was a young boy growing up in Canada.  My Dad was a Scoutmaster and as soon as I was walking he would take me to all the meetings and outings.  From a very young age I learned to enjoy the outdoors and all that it had to offer.  I learned over the years how be comfortable and enjoy the outdoors, camping and hiking.  

I wrote a book to show beginning campers with families just how easy it is to plan and have a successful campout.  This step-by-step book reveals tips and techniques that I have learned from over 25 years of camping and hiking as a Boy Scout, camping with my own family and as a Scoutmaster, leading Scouts on campouts.    Here's a picture of me with some of "my" Scouts.

Campers and Me!

I hope that by reading my book I can pass-on the enjoyment of camping to you and your kids.

Happy Camping!


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