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Camping Report - San Mateo Campground

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Hi there! A number of you asked for reports on campgrounds that I have visited so I thought I would start to do this and will add more over time. If you have any favorite campgrounds or not so favorite, tell the rest of us by commenting on the Blog.

This weekend we went to San Mateo Park, in south Orange County. This park is inland from the world famous Tressels beach! This is a favorite local beach for surfers and hosts a number of professional surfing events throughout the year. But, back to the campground…which is about 1.5 miles from the beach, directly inland. There’s 160 campsites with toilets, showers, fire pits and flat easy ground for camping. We went with the Boy Scouts to do some skills training and check out our new tents before Camporee. We were in campsites 134-137 (see the map for details). The campsites are a bit dense packed, but our neighbors were friendly and not noisy. I discovered while walking around the campground that the bigger sites are at the end of the campground in the 150-155 area. So, if you are looking for more room, try to reserve those campsites.

Marshmallow Roast

Souts had a great time as you can see from the marshmallow-roasting picture. For campground map and information on reservations follow the More link.

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Caring for Your Tent

Care for your tent and it will take care of you.

I wrote about how to choose the right tent in the last two postings, so I thought it only right to tell about how to take care of your tent.

Here are some TIPS on how to make your tent last many seasons:

  • Use a ground cloth under your tent. This will protect the floor from rocks and twigs and keep moisture from seeping through. HOT TIP: Always tuck the edges of your ground cloth beneath the floor of your tent so that rainwater will not collect on the ground cloth and run under the tent. :-(
  • Take off boots or shoes when entering the tent.
  • Keep the inside clean by sweeping or tipping it up and shaking out debris.
  • Never store a wet or damp tent. This will cause mildew - yuck! When you get home from a wet campout put the tent over a clothesline, fence or patio chairs to dry it out. If the weather won’t permit this, hang the tent on a couple of nails in the garage. But, make sure you dry it out.
  • Seal the seams of your tent. When I buy a new tent I also purchase some sealer. I setup the tent in the backyard and seal the seams. This also allows me to become familiar with the setup and take down of my new tent!
  • NEVER store food in your tent. Critters will tear a hole in your tent to get that food. Store food in your car.

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