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Beginner’s Guide To Camping

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Beginner's Guide to Camping

Spring has sprung and it’s time to start thinking about Camping! I know I am…are you? Whether you’re a beginner or just getting your gear dusted-off for another season, you’ll want to read my new article in Camping Life magazine. It’s the cover article “Beginner’s Guide to Camping”, authored by yours truly!

I’ve put a copy of it on my website in the “Camping Articles” section. You can have a copy if you go here

I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions about the article or getting started¬Ě in general, just e-mail me, or post a comment.

Happy Camping!

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DIY Camping - Micro Solar Generator

This is a very cool DIY (do it yourself) project that I thought I would share with everyone. Great for using around the campsite to power any 12Volt device you have such as an air mattress pump, LED lamp, DVD player, etc. One of the advantages is that it’s built using a small cooler so it’s easy to carry and looks like the rest of your camping gear. :-)


The inventor takes you through all the steps to build it. Gives you a list of all the pieces, where to get them and approximately how much each items costs. It’s fairly straightforward. After you assemble it and let the sun do it’s magic, any 12Volt (v) device can then be hooked up to it.

A 12V lamp can come in handy around the campsite. You can plug in any device that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter, now called auxiliary power adapters. The inventor also includes some accessories that he’s plugged into it! And there’s an e-mail address if you have questions.

Check it out at:

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