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Campfire Safety During Drought

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Mashmallows at a CampfireIt’s been a dry, hot camping season in most of the country, especially where I live in California. The “Governator” is already warning us of lower than expected water levels and the need for conservation. That makes our beloved camping areas very susceptible to fires. So, as campers we need to pay special attention to our campfires. Most developed campgrounds have well-established campfire rings or pits in their campsites however, you should still be aware of a few wise safety rules when you make a campfire:

  • Always clear a five-foot area around the fire ring down to the soil, so leaping sparks can’t start a ground fire.
  • Keep a bucket of water and a shovel close by
  • Pile your wood upwind and away from the fire. This may be difficult in a shifting wind area, but just make sure wood is far away from the campfire
  • Never leave a campfire unattended

Lastly, the most important part is putting your fire out after you’ve enjoyed having marshmallows and telling spooky stories. Allow the fire to burn down to ash and very small coals. Pour plenty of water on the ambers and stir the ashes until they are soaked through. You can tell when the fire is completely extinguished when you can safely put your hand in the coals. This Boy Scout method kind of makes you want to make doubly sure that you put enough water on the fire. :-)

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Wolverine - Be a Hero Spokesman

Is it You?Did you ever want to be on the hit TV show “The Apprentice”, but felt that you weren’t the shirt and tie type? Me too! I’m more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. Well, I just heard about a contest that is made for “us”. Wolverine, best known for hiking, hunting and working boots, and clothes is searching for a new face to put in their ads. They call the contest “Relentless by Nature” which is a pretty catchy name for the image and spirit they are trying to portray.

What do you get if your win? Fame…bragging rights…money, and clothes. All you gotta do is go to their site and nominate yourself, or get someone you feel fits the part to go there and fill out the form. If you’ve got a good story…now’s the time to tell everyone about it, and you could win!

Surely some of The Camping Guy readers will make great candidates for this honored position. Now don’t be shy. Show us all how relentless you can be!

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