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Who Else Wants to Easter Camp?

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Easter Egg Hunt

Celebrating your Easter weekend is special when you incorporate it into a great camping trip. Springtime is the best time to enjoy Mother Nature; the air is still cool, there’s usually a crisp breeze and since the rains… everything is clean and clear. There are still, however, plenty of campsite ideas, tips and suggestion I have for your Easter camping trip.

Camping in springtime brings a few challenges that can be easily conquered with the right attitude and approach. Bugs, for example, are very plentiful in some areas during springtime. So arm your family with plenty of body bug repellents that won’t make them sick, like Herbaria products. Herbaria has both a spray on repellent and a repellent soap that smell great and are completely natural.

Other things you need to also consider for Easter camping is sun block for those bright, windy days and light lotion for dryness.

Easter camping, of course, should be fun! So try out these things for the kids and teens!

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3 Simple Tips For A Camping Trip Picnic

Family PicnicCamping under the stars, near a campfire or in a tent is always great fun but a memorable picnic, will enhance your campout as well. To get your picnic ideas flowing, I’ve come up with the three simple elements that are essential to your picnic and how you can make each of them their possible best.

Before prepping your meal back at campsite, scout out a couple of local areas ideal for sitting on the ground and be sure that the area is attractive. Be aware of too much shade as the ground there will often be too moist. When possible, try to find a location on top of a hill or near the edge of a safe cliff for a beautiful view. Eating near a stream, when available, is also a pleasant experience. Calm and peaceful.

The Essentials
A great picnic must start off with a great, waterproof picnic blanket. This will ensure that even if you choose to sit where it’s moist, you, your guests and your food will stay dry. Find some excellent waterproof and stadium blankets at

Next on the list, is a perfect picnic basket. I know what you’re thinking–a wicker

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How To Rejuvenate With A One-Day Camping Trip

Tent In The ForestThe hustle and bustle of each busy day you experience can catch up with you and leave you feeling drained. This is a great reason to take time to enjoy Mother Nature and reconnect with the beautiful things that make our planet so worthwhile. At the same time, I understand how difficult it is to get away from your responsibilities to go camping and have outdoor fun. In the spirit of helping you enjoy camping and the great outdoors, here’s how I have a simple, loosely scheduled, one-day camping trip at a popular public campground and marina near my home, much like one near you.

  • 5 days in advance: Reserve a one-nighter with nearby campgrounds and purchase inexpensive pop-up tent, if you don’t already have one. More on tents.
  • 1 day in advance: pack tent, sleeping bag, pillow, Swiss Army knife, water, small stove, frying pan, mess kit, book, flash light and digital camera. Keep it simple and under control. Easy clean up is a must.
  • Morning of: Pack can of beans or spaghetti, fruit, cookies, water, pre-made pancake mix, butter and small amount of syrup (for one) in a small, portable ice cooler with frozen cooler pack inside. Consider also tossing in granola bars, trail mix, nuts or whatever other convenient foods you like.

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