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How to Keep Your Camping Trip Bug Free

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Mosquito BitingThe gorgeous green mountainsides and rushing spring water are great reasons to enjoy camping in springtime. Bugs, however, can dampen your camping spirit depending on where you plan to camp. To overcome these pesky critters, I have some great tips and ideas for keeping your camping trip bug free and it won’t require much time or effort.

Traditional easy-to-open canopy tents, which are great for shade while living in the outdoors, can double up as a great dining room. For about $100, you can find a great garden tent with convenient screen walls. These are easy to put up, take down and keep the bugs out.

Another way to net your campers is to be sure that the camping tents you choose have netted windows in them. Most tents like Greatland, Eddie Bauer and Coleman come with both netted windows and a zip up solid window.

Spray on bug repellents and lotions are inexpensive, easy to find at your local drug store and work great. They often, however, contain Deet. Deet is a pesticide that has been known to irritate sensitive skin, absorb into the blood stream and its long-term affects are unknown, so be aware.

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A Mother’s Day Campout

Mother's Day CampoutTrees, streams and adventure make Mother’s Day camping a popular trend and can help your family save money also. She might even appreciate being whisked away to a private get-away in the woods. Keeping her weekend picture perfect, however, will require some dedication and maybe a few suggestions.

Be sure to choose a campsite, marina or resort that doesn’t require reservations but also has plenty of wide-open space to sprawl around in. Perhaps even going into designated “back woods” areas outside your city would be best. Check your local state or county preserves to find safe, awesome areas and conduct a Google search for more info.

Packing the Goodies

Besides the usual emergency kit and other camping necessities, be sure to pack things that will make Mom’s weekend more pleasurable. Pack her some mosquito repellent, Calamine, pillows, treats, blankets, lotion, face cream, chocolate, books, gifts, nail care, tissues and whatever else your Mom likes.

Sneaky Sneak
Be sure that Mom is unaware of where she’s headed off to and pack the car while she’s distracted or away the day before. You already know she loves the great outdoors but a surprise will definitely liven the atmosphere! And since you are whisking her off in secrecy, be sure to pack her necessities: clothes, boots, tooth care, face cloths, socks, etc. Lastly, make her comfortable on the trip with magazines, water, snacks and her favorite tunes.

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