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What the Heck is Polish Horseshoes?

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Polish Horeshoes Ever been on a campout and you’re wondering what to do next?  The kids have been through all their games and are starting to get into mischief.  Now’s the time to bring out  Polish Horseshoes!  What? You say?  Well, this game started as an adult “drinking” game,  but is gaining popularity with all ages.  It involves driving 2 stakes in the ground 20 to 30  feet apart.  Balance a glass bottle on the top of each stake.  Get a Frisbee, form up teams and try to knock each other’s bottle off the stake, with the Frisbee.  Well, the game and the setup have come a long way since the first Polish Horseshoes game was played.  Now you can get a freestanding setup, no stakes, no glass bottles (a major no-no when camping!) and everyone can play!


The guys at have made it simple, compact and reusable.  Their kit is a bunch of pre-cut PVC pipe you can easily set up and take apart.  They added a wiffle ball and Frisbee, and you are all set.  It sets up in minutes and will keep the kids (and the adult “kids”) occupied for hours.  Give it a shot.  You may find it addictive! And will make those lulls in camp life pass very quickly.



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