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Woolrich Mountain Parka and Camping

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Woolrich Mountain ParkaThis time of the year is the wet time to camp and hike, but I enjoy it with the changing of the colors, the grey skies and showers – from time to time.  The folks at Woolrich asked me to checkout one of their Mountain Parkas.  Although it doesn’t rain much in Southern California this time of year, I did get a chance to check it out this week with the rain and colder weather.  I gotta say… it sure is warm and dry.  I think I can spray a hose on this Parka and stay completely dry.  I’m looking forward to taking it up the mountains this winter to see how it performs in the snow!


The materials the Parka is made of are obviously meant to last.  The two-way zipper system is great. Once the Parka is zipped up you can easily vent or get at stuff in your pants pocket easily, using the bottom zipper. The drawstrings are a nice addition and certainly come in handy to cinch in the hood and around your waist to hold in the heat.  My son, Wes, took the Parka on an overnight hike/camp trip and was pleased with how warm it is, with the wool liner.  Nice touch!  Even if you’re wet, this wool Parka will keep you toasty.


Inside the ParkaIt has 4 Velcro pockets, two breast pockets and two waist pockets. I really enjoyed the oversize waist pockets, which I was able to fit a lot of supplies in. One unique feature I found was the break in wool liner near the butt of the Parka (see picture). This provided a nice patch of material to sit on to keep my butt nice and dry when I would sit on the wet ground or soaked logs, and wouldn’t get the wool liner all dirty and wet.  All of the tightening cords make it easy to create a custom fit for this jacket.


One downside to the Parka was that the shoulders are a bit tight which makes layering a little difficult, and a removable hood would have been a good bonus.  But, overall I believe this is a great Parka, very waterproof and warm which is what you need when hiking and camping this time of year.


For more information on this great Woolrich Parka go to: Mountain Parka 

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Camping Furniture 101

Camping FurnitureAs technology continues to change and advance, so does the world of camping and with it, camping furniture. From modern gadgets and tools to innovative materials, camping conveniences are improving every day. This is great news for campers with disabilities, aches and pains or those who just prefer to be pampered a little, because camping furniture has become especially comfortable. Here’s what The Camping Guy has discovered about camping furniture:

Camping Chairs
When selecting a camping chair, be sure to avoid the most inexpensive models. They often bend after moderate use and tip back very easily. Coleman, Eddie Bauer and Crazy Creek are trustworthy brands. Crazy Creek has a comfortable long back air chair, which is unique. The seat and back are attached so that the weight of your seat supports the back. There are all types of camping chairs from upright with a footrest to camping chairs that let you lounge and have cup holders! Just like at home, watchin’ the game. :-)

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Cook Like A World-Class Camper

Fire roasted, glazed, baked or breaded. However you like it, the best camping food starts with the right ingredients and the best camping cookware. And the stove is the most important part. So, whether you’re camping light…backpack camping or car camping with family or friends, here’s some sure-fire (pardon the pun) stoves to get you cooking!

Coleman Micro Backpack StoveThe Micro Backpack Stove made by Coleman is a great investment to your outdoor cooking if you camp lightly. Coleman has been making camping stoves since 1942 and holds the best reputation for their camping products. The Micro backpack stove is small and lightweight but still powerful enough to cook any stovetop meal. The top regulator and bottom (propane canister) can be unscrewed and packed separately. Remember this is for one-pot cooking, but it gives off great heat to boil water or stew quickly!

Coleman EvenTemp 3-Burner StoveIf you’re cooking for a whole family, the Coleman EvenTemp 3 Burner Stove is the most popular in camping stoves. This new 3-burner design gets rid of the cold spots that occur when using a 2-burner stove and gives you even heat that’s great for pancakes, bacon, and omelets…you name it! It has two 11,500 BTU burners on the ends and a 5,000 BTU burner in the middle for all types of range cooking as well as side panels to block wind. The InstaStart push button ignition system takes all the hassle out of lighting your stove. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped a match onto the burner trying to get it going. :-)

I hope this helps with your camping cookware needs. Let me know your experiences with other camp stoves, what’s your favorite, etc. But above all enjoy the food! It always tastes better when you’re camping!!

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