How To Rejuvenate With A One-Day Camping Trip

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Tent In The ForestThe hustle and bustle of each busy day you experience can catch up with you and leave you feeling drained. This is a great reason to take time to enjoy Mother Nature and reconnect with the beautiful things that make our planet so worthwhile. At the same time, I understand how difficult it is to get away from your responsibilities to go camping and have outdoor fun. In the spirit of helping you enjoy camping and the great outdoors, here’s how I have a simple, loosely scheduled, one-day camping trip at a popular public campground and marina near my home, much like one near you.

  • 5 days in advance: Reserve a one-nighter with nearby campgrounds and purchase inexpensive pop-up tent, if you don’t already have one. More on tents.
  • 1 day in advance: pack tent, sleeping bag, pillow, Swiss Army knife, water, small stove, frying pan, mess kit, book, flash light and digital camera. Keep it simple and under control. Easy clean up is a must.
  • Morning of: Pack can of beans or spaghetti, fruit, cookies, water, pre-made pancake mix, butter and small amount of syrup (for one) in a small, portable ice cooler with frozen cooler pack inside. Consider also tossing in granola bars, trail mix, nuts or whatever other convenient foods you like.

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Getting Paid to Camp!

Dollar SignLow and behold, there are some very interesting jobs in this world and I’m glad to be sharing with you some that involve camping, campsites and campgrounds. Amazing, fun and perhaps a little peculiar, getting paid to camp is possible and a growing market in jobs.

Campsites all over the nation fill positions for groundskeepers but these days, the call of duty goes beyond that. Many of the employees that work for campgrounds, RV parks and parks are often expected to have a sense of customer service and pride for their work, rather than just the ability to remove trash and keep the grounds in order.

There are positions for tour guides, guided horse tour guides, concierge, and customer assistants. Each job has specific roles such as guiding new guests to their campsite and helping them hook up their RV to the sewer line, if needed. Others are available day and night to watch over the sites and provide any emergency assistance, when necessary.

Apparently, there are now also camp worker groups like at where families, whether full-time or part-time, tour the country, working at different campsites for the experience. Rumor has it this great new career path has its rewards and instant memorable experiences.

County programs are also becoming more popular for working parents. Children are taken to local parks, hiking trails and county events by trained professionals with experience in handling children. Though the jobs are not considered plentiful, the right education and love for children and the outdoors makes it an altruistic job at the least.

If you think that a camping job is right for you, do some Internet research. Camping jobs also strike me as an excellent past time for retirees and families on summer vacation. So get out there, go camping and get paid for it!

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A Quick Way To Give The Gift Of Outdoors

Christmas Gifts for CampersIf you love the ambiance of the outdoors and the memories of an unforgettable camping experience, pass it along this holiday season. Put aside the usual DVD and socks this year, especially for the kids, and try out these great outdoor camping gift ideas:

  • For Young Campers wrap up an outdoor activity like play tunnels, or horse shoes. If you have young ones who have never been camping, start with the basics like a colorful sleeping bag and fun flashlight. Also make sure to pick up plenty of table-top fun like coloring books, crayons and card games like Uno or Old Maid.
  • With adolescents and teens, avoiding the electronics may be a little difficult. So aside from an art set for the artists and a magnifying glass for the explorers, portable game systems are the best way to go. For a more practical camping gift, a camping gear backpack or bag filled with camping gadgets like a swiss army knife, waterproof flashlight, travel bath set and a new scarf and hat is a fun gift to open!
  • To impress the husband, a new pair of hiking boots with wool socks, gel inserts and spare shoelaces say so much. This gift will certainly make his hiking experience much more comfortable and pleasant. If you’re looking to splurge, get that great digital camera he’s been talking about so he can take some great pictures of the view on his hike and the family camping!

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The Truth About First-time Camping

Right here and now let me get rid of some of the myths and rumors that keep first-time campers from taking the plunge. This knowledge will prepare you for the camping time of your life!

Camping can be simple and inexpensive. Much of the clothing you will need for the outdoors is probably already in your closet. Some of your personal camping gear can be made from things around the house or purchased at surplus stores, garage sales, or sporting goods stores.

If you follow the rest of the instructions in my book you will be fully prepared for the camping adventure of a lifetime. So, let’s start with some of these myths!

Myth #1  I’m not an outdoor person
Sure, camping is about being outdoors and enjoying it, but you don’t have to be “Ranger Tom” or a card-carrying Sierra Club member to enjoy camping! It is natural for people to be outside, breathing fresh air, getting a little color on your cheeks. With the proper equipment such as a tent, warm sleep bag, and some good food you will have most of the amenities that you have at home, only be outside. Go on, give it a try and tell me what you think.

Myth #2  It’s too expensive
Yes, everything you do seems to cost money. But where can you stay overnight with a family of 4 or more for under $45? Once you make the initial investment in equipment that I talk about in my book you will have many seasons of enjoyable camping at a fraction of the cost of staying in a hotel.

Myth #3  I don’t know what to take
Hold on! Isn’t that why you are reading this? This is the simple, no-brainer, “Camping 101 course that will give you the facts about the necessary equipment to bring. It’s all boiled down for you in this easy to read format. Read on…or get the book.

Myth #4  Camping is boring. What will I do with the kids?
Your kids are probably like mine. They spend too much time watching TV, playing video games, and doing e-mail or IM (instant messaging). So, for me, when I can get them away from all this, I welcome it. When I’m going camping with the kids I pick some activities that they like to do or let them choose what they want to do, while we’re camping. I get them involved by having them help plan and cook the meals. We may go for a hike on a nearby trail. Next to the campsite may be a lake where they can fish or swim. I also bring pencils, paper, and crayons for them to draw what they see. Bring a football, soccer ball, baseball glove and any other sporting equipment that the kids are into. They also bring their favorite board game or favorite book(s) to keep them busy.

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