See How Easily You Can Have A Halloween Campout!

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Halloween Campout!The nights are darker, colder and dry. The wind is whistling through the trees and the stars are staring at us, sharp and clear. Costumes and candy cover the shelves in every store and the cackle of fall can be heard at dusk… Halloween is here again and it’s a great time of year to camp!

Whether you’re planning a rough and tumble get-away in a tent or a convenient, cozy hole-up in a cabin or trailer, camping during the Halloween Holiday can be a fun and spooky experience. Knowing this first hand, The Camping Guy suggests a few fun things to do for a creative, safe holiday:

A Pirate’s Camping Party
Ahoy mate! Add adventure to your camping trip with a Pirate theme. Stockings, long socks, boots, beads, eye patches, bandannas, scarves, wide brim hats, costume hats and make-up are a great start for costumes. Add pirate themed food like glaze-grilled turkey, wild rice, pineapple slices, fresh coconut and papaya for atmosphere. Canned fruits work especially well for those tropical fruits that are not in season. For drinks, serve pina coladas and rum with cola for the adults and tropical fruit juice for the kids.

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