Camping Furniture 101

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Camping FurnitureAs technology continues to change and advance, so does the world of camping and with it, camping furniture. From modern gadgets and tools to innovative materials, camping conveniences are improving every day. This is great news for campers with disabilities, aches and pains or those who just prefer to be pampered a little, because camping furniture has become especially comfortable. Here’s what The Camping Guy has discovered about camping furniture:

Camping Chairs
When selecting a camping chair, be sure to avoid the most inexpensive models. They often bend after moderate use and tip back very easily. Coleman, Eddie Bauer and Crazy Creek are trustworthy brands. Crazy Creek has a comfortable long back air chair, which is unique. The seat and back are attached so that the weight of your seat supports the back. There are all types of camping chairs from upright with a footrest to camping chairs that let you lounge and have cup holders! Just like at home, watchin’ the game. :-)

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