Campfire Treats

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A number of campers have written me to ask about what campfire treats I like best. Well, here’s a few that I like, that you may want to try.

Everybody has heard of Smores, right? This is a classic campfire treat made with marshmallows, Hersheys milk chocolate and Graham crackers. Toast two marshmallows to your liking and put them between two Graham crackers and a piece of chocolate. It’s no small wonder why Smores are always a hit.


Use chocolate chip cookies or peanut chip cookies instead of Graham crackers and chocolate. Next time you’re camping, try it and let me know what you think!

Chocolate Bananas
This next one we used at Scout-o-Rama where we invite the public to see what Scouting has to offer, and we had people lined up to taste these. Take a strip of tin foil about 12 inches long, cut a whole banana lengthways, then stuff it with chocolate, or caramel or Rolos (chocolate/caramel chucks). Squeeze the banana back together and wrap it tightly in foil. Put the foil-wrapped banana on a fire or on BBQ coals for about 3-5 minutes. Take if off the coals, open it up and dig out the gooey, chocolatey insides with a fork or spoon. CAUTION: It’s Hot! Use tongs to pull it out of the coals and to peel back the foil.

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