Woolrich Mountain Parka and Camping

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Woolrich Mountain ParkaThis time of the year is the wet time to camp and hike, but I enjoy it with the changing of the colors, the grey skies and showers – from time to time.  The folks at Woolrich asked me to checkout one of their Mountain Parkas.  Although it doesn’t rain much in Southern California this time of year, I did get a chance to check it out this week with the rain and colder weather.  I gotta say… it sure is warm and dry.  I think I can spray a hose on this Parka and stay completely dry.  I’m looking forward to taking it up the mountains this winter to see how it performs in the snow!


The materials the Parka is made of are obviously meant to last.  The two-way zipper system is great. Once the Parka is zipped up you can easily vent or get at stuff in your pants pocket easily, using the bottom zipper. The drawstrings are a nice addition and certainly come in handy to cinch in the hood and around your waist to hold in the heat.  My son, Wes, took the Parka on an overnight hike/camp trip and was pleased with how warm it is, with the wool liner.  Nice touch!  Even if you’re wet, this wool Parka will keep you toasty.


Inside the ParkaIt has 4 Velcro pockets, two breast pockets and two waist pockets. I really enjoyed the oversize waist pockets, which I was able to fit a lot of supplies in. One unique feature I found was the break in wool liner near the butt of the Parka (see picture). This provided a nice patch of material to sit on to keep my butt nice and dry when I would sit on the wet ground or soaked logs, and wouldn’t get the wool liner all dirty and wet.  All of the tightening cords make it easy to create a custom fit for this jacket.


One downside to the Parka was that the shoulders are a bit tight which makes layering a little difficult, and a removable hood would have been a good bonus.  But, overall I believe this is a great Parka, very waterproof and warm which is what you need when hiking and camping this time of year.


For more information on this great Woolrich Parka go to: Mountain Parka 

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Why Camping Is Essential To Childhood

ABCs of CampingJust as the ABC’s are to reading, spelling and writing, camping can be an essential part of your child’s survival tactics. Knowledge is power and the more your children know about their world, indoors and out, the stronger they can be in a time of crisis or emergency. Specific information about camping in the hands of a child can also keep them safe and prepare them for unexpected relocation or evacuation.

So what can you teach your kids while camping? Besides how to have a good time with mother nature, you can teach your kids a number of things from how to use a utility knife, to how to start and put out a fire. Teach them to use the outdoor grills, pitch a tent and other camping equipment. Show them how to catch fish…and more importantly, how to clean and cook fish! Show them how to cook and take care of themselves in the outdoors. This lifetime skill can come in handy at any time throughout their lives. Some of the skills that I learned as a Boy Scout have stayed with me forever!

To further your kid’s education in outdoor survival, geology, and botany, I highly recommend joining the local Boy and Girl Scouts of America. It’s an excellent organization with a reputation for improving the quality of kid’s lives. They will go beyond camping and teach your children to communicate, identify and survive the every day and the extraordinary events in life. If you have young kids, now is the time for them to join!

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