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Boy Scouts and Me!

From: Tim Dales
Tuesday, 2:35 p.m.

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to take your family camping but you're "iffy" because you think it's expensive, quit worrying... I can help you.

I'm going to reveal how you can handle yourself confidently before and after reaching the camp site using simple strategies I'll share with you. And, the best part is...

You Won't Go Broke
Putting My Secrets Into Practice

First of all -- what makes me an authority on camping?

The answer is simple: I've been hiking and camping for over 25 years as a Boy Scout. That wealth of experience has led me to become a Boy Scout Master who has shared all the secrets with my Scouts who've applied them to create campouts that are as fun and enjoyable as they can be.

But my Scouts aren't the only ones who've benefitted from my secrets. Families -- just like yours -- have used them to create rich, exciting camping experiences they'll remember years from now.

And you know what's funny?

When I started out 20 years ago, I knew very little about camping and relied mostly on my experience as a Boy Scout to help me take the first steps. It was painful and frustrating trying to remember some of things I'd learned as a youngster.

And, recognizing that there're many families out there that are like mine was 20 years ago, I decided to put all I've learned over those years in my new book:

"Discover the Secrets of Family Camping
Without Breaking the Bank"

Camping Book Cover From the first page to the last, you will receive "golden nuggets of knowledge" you'll need to make your camping days the most memorable ever -- for you and your family.

And, I will walk you through every bit of it. In it, you will learn:

  • How to plan a successful campout using the "5 Ps" of camping
  • What to take with you (you'll want to avoid the "if I'd only remembered to take the XYZ" moments)
  • How to let your federal agencies point you to the most ideal places
  • How to get the cheapest campsites
  • The light-hearted truth about about camping for the first time
  • Where and how to get the best camping equipment bargains
  • How to choose snug, comfortable sleepings bags
  • How to care for those sleeping bags so they last for years
  • How to choose the perfect tent
  • How to care for your tent - and, especially, what NOT to put in a tent (hint: fire and food!)

That's only the preliminaries -- we haven't gotten to where the real fun is yet. You'll also discover:

  • 4 secrets of how to stay warm and dry while camping
  • What criteria to use in choosing a reliable stove
  • How to prevent your stove from becoming a safety hazard
  • Amazingly simple ways to create easy camping meals
  • How to cook a delicious meal... in one pot
  • Why a Dutch oven is perfect for roasts, spaghetti, stew, potato casserole and desserts like chocolate cake!
  • 9 easy meals you can cook in minutes without pots and pans!
  • 5 ways to eliminate the cleanup chore after cooking one of your gourmet meals
  • 3 special treats the kids will love to cook and prepare for themselves
  • 7 easy, fun steps to building a campfire in no time
  • How the "fuzz stick" can get your fire started quickly!
  • Easy-to-prepare BBQ, One-pot & Dutch-oven recipes you can turn into quick, mouth-watering meals
  • And much, much more!

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Tim Dales

That's just a sample of what you'll get from me.

Read What Some Of
My Campers Have To Say:

"I saved twice the cost of my book on our first trip!  I needed to find just the right sleeping bag for my very first camping trip, and not only did this book answer all my questions about sleeping bags, it gave me other great tips I would never have thought of. Even now, my book continues to pay for itself again and again every time we go camping!

In fact, this book is so well laid out and so easy to understand that I know it will help anybody have the same camping success I’ve had.

If you buy this book for nothing else you have to check out the great Camping Recipes.  They're so good you will want to run to your backyard and make them immediately! This book is a winner."

Debbie Rochlin,
Los Angeles, CA
Family Camper

'We tried camping in the past and ended-up cold, wet, and hungry because we just didn't know what we were doing.

Then we bought 'Discover the Secrets of Family Camping Without Breaking the Bank' and now have the time of our lives!  The tips on how to setup camp finally got us off on the right foot, and the checklist makes our planning and packing a breeze.

Camping is now our family's favorite activity, and we've never felt closer or enjoyed each other more. Thanks Tim, I tell everyone about your book!'  

Jill Mattson
Oil City, PA
Family Camper

Those are only two of the many testimonials I could list; listing 1001 testimonials means nothing. What is more important is that you examine the book yourself; don't take their word for it.

So -- here's what I'll do:

I'm going to slash the price from $37 to $14.99... and I'll give 2 extra bonuses just for ordering the book. They are:

  • #1. A FREE, lifetime subscription to The Camping Guy Newsletter and Blog (a $79/year value!) that's chock-full of camping tips, recipes and places to get inexpensive gear.
  • #2. A FREE copy of Dutch Oven Cooking - Basics, Essentials and Recipes (a $12.95 value!) Dutch Oven cookingThis step-by-step book shows you how to use a Dutch Oven to cook incredibly tasty meals.  This is the one piece of camping equipment I always take with me.  (My kids call me the "Dutch Oven Dude").  You can cook a roast, vegetables, bake a cake and much more!  This simple, comprehensive book shows you all you need to know to cook flawless meals on this cast iron “wonder”!

    It's the perfect companion to "Discover the Secrets of Family Camping without Breaking the Bank!"

    You are now ready to have the camping time of your life!

But, before you go....get a load of this: ClickBank, my e-commerce partner, wants me to say "Customers can request a refund within 8 weeks if they are not satisfied for any reason."

But I'll do better than that!

Here's How You'll Get Your Money
Back With My Robust Guarantee

If this book doesn't pay for itself on your first campout, if you don't save money on equipment... use a trick or tip... use a recipe - or for any reason whatsoever, I'll buy it back. No questions, no hassles. It's as simple as that.

As for the Dutch Oven Cookbook and the Newsletter & Blog subscription? They're yours to keep as my gift to you and your family for giving it a try.

Fair enough?

Good. Now that I've laid out how I'll uphold my end of the bargain, it's time for you to get my book and follow the steps to prepare for a great campout!

And, when you wake up in the cool, clear morning alongside a bright blue lake listening to nature come to life; when you hear the crackling sounds of the campfire dancing around the logs while marshmallows are toasted on sticks held by happy little hands; when you see the wide smiles on your kids' face when they see their first deer -- you'll be happy you decided to put your fears aside to do something that's crucial in strengthening the family bond: Spending quality time together.

The book -- along with the subscription and Dutch Oven Cookbook -- is only $14.99

Can You Put A Value On
The Quality Time
You'll Spend With Your Family?

I don't think so.

Order the book today and begin taking the steps to create unforgettable experiences the kids will carry with them through life. 

Don't miss this precious time with your family.

Order Right Now

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Tim Dales
The Camping Guy

P.S. – The camping tips and techniques revealed to you in this book will make family camping enjoyable and affordable for years to come!

P.P.S – Trial and error is no way to learn the skills of camping.  Let this easy, step-by-step book be your guide to memorable family camping.

P.P.P.S. - Act now!  Order this amazing book today!  This information will change your outdoor life and camping forever!  Order it, read it and be the “master” of camping TODAY!

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