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Camping Tips

The following is a list of camping tips in articles and reports that I've written to assist first-time and family campers with making their camping experiences successful.  Remember....Knowledge is Power!  

Beginner's Guide to Camping Article
Featured as the cover story in the April 2007 edition of Camping Life magazine "Beginner's Guide to Camping".  You can download the article by clicking on the link or the graphic.   Warning:  It's a large file (2.5MB) so it may take a little time to download :-)

Essential Camping Gear for Beginner Campers

This Sp
ecial Camping Report - "Essential Camping Gear for Beginner Campers" is available also by following the link.

Ezine Articles
is "thee" spot on the Web to get information about any topic, and Camping is no exception.  I have created a number of articles over there too!   Here's a summary of them:

Cold Weather Camping Tips

Cold Weather Camping Tips
: As the weather gets colder there are still some great opportunities to go camping, as long as you are prepared. This article addresses cold weather camping with some tips that I have found useful.  (Click on the article to read it)

What You Should Know About Hot Weather Camping

Hot Weather Camping Tips
Summary: As we reach record high temperatures across the U.S. it's probably a good time to review some of the tips for hot weather camping.  Here are some tips to beat the heat that I've learned from my 25+ years camping with the Boy Scouts.
(Click on the article to read it)

Camping Tips – How To Stay Dry While Camping

Stay Dry While Camping

Summary: You can't always pick the best weather for your campout. But, if it starts to rain, don't despair, these tips will help you stay dry and give you the confidence to enjoy the rain knowing that you will not get soggy! (Click on the article to read it)

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